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Creating and distributing an Internet-based press release is a simple but still effective method of spreading the word about your product, Business or service; Free Press Release is the dedicated website and portals for sending out the press release to your target audience in such a way that almost guarantees you a response. Of course, not all marketers are going to find success this way but that is only because they don’t focus on building strong and effective foundations first. So, which steps are the most important for making sure that your press releases are successful and that you can work your way up the ladder? Keep reading to learn how some simple things will help you get as much as possible from your press release distribution.Free Press Release Service is a targeted newswire service to the US and global media circuits covering major online news agencies and print publications.


  • Global Coverage - Press releases distributed to media recipients in over 50 complete guide to writing press releasecountries
  • Fast Delivery - XML Newsfeed
  • Secure Ordering System - One single secure order form
  • Cost Effective - Reasonable service fee and Corporate Plans option
  • Targeted Distribution - Over 70 Geographic and Industry-specific media circuits
  • Online Media Monitoring - for US Media Circuit
  • Individual Distribution - Each press release is distributed individually to all sites
  • Searchable news content- You can Search any press release through keyword

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Given that none of the releases were picked up by any kind of site that could be considered to be the resource of a beneficial web link, it appears that there is little worth in operation these services for web link building. Nevertheless, a few of the websites do supply links and a few enable you to tailor the anchor message. (If you're not knowledgeable about 'dofollow' or 'nofollow' web links, a great general rule is that the 'do-follow' or 'adhered to' web links are the kind that usually offers some SEO advantage and also 'nofollow' web links normally do not.) A lot of sites either didn't offer a web link or provided a 'nofollow' web link.

To get a feel for which sites might be best for links, we might utilize just how extremely each press release webpage ranks in search engine result as a rough indication of what does it cost? link juice that web page could be able to pass. When one of our launches showed up on web page among Google web search (as well as the free launch website supplied a link) we rated that site highly for link building (note, this is a very simplified technique, however sufficient to get a feel for the sites; an extra detailed evaluation could offer a little various outcomes).

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