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Dr. Finn Majlergaard has announced his plans for an ambitious project which will see him interview 100 people, across 100 countries – all of whom will share one common denominator………they are all 100 years old.

A hundred to one

In December 2016, legendary movie star, Kirk Douglas, celebrated his 100th birthday to much acclaim and celebration. Although we’ve made remarkable progress in healthcare and health education in the last 100 years, we still have less than half a million centenarians worldwide today.

Widely travelled, Dr. Majlergaard has lived in a number of countries worldwide as he pursues his work on cultural diversity and, his unique project will examine the similarities – and differences – in lifestyle and attitude of centenarians across the globe. The project will pose a number of questions including why it is that certain people live to this impressive age and why most don’t. In a series of interviews, Dr Majlergaard will also solicit advice from his respondents along with the wisdom that they have collected during their century on Earth. Each of the 100 people will be asked the same set of questions to ascertain why they feel that they have been able to reach the age of 100, the challenges that they have overcome and, what, to them, makes a happy life.

Cultural diversity

Dr. Finn Majlergaard (52) is a cross-cultural expert and author whose work has seen him counsel companies and organisations worldwide on cultural diversity. With qualifications from London, New York, Paris and Tokyo, Dr. Majlergaard has spent his career working directly and indirectly within cultural reconciliation and is the author of two books on the subject;  Creating competitive Advantage from Cultural Diversityand  Leveraging Cultural Diversity in Emerging Markets.

Dr. Majlergaard is also the founding partner and CEO of Gugin which aims to help companies around the world take advantage of cultural diversity.

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With 25 years of global experience in bringing cultures together and identifying cultural similarities and differences

Set for completion in 2020, “100 Years Young” will offer insight into what is still a select group and aims to help explain age longevity. The results of the project will be made available to the public through the mediums of book and film and, Dr. Majlergaard also intends to tour a photographic exhibition of his findings worldwide.

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For those looking to get involved in this exciting project through support and donations, visit:  https://100yearsyoung.com/sponsoring/

For press enquiries contact: [email protected]

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  • : Health
  • : 14/05/2018