HealthScienceCongress 2018

Scrutinize the modish of Medical & Health Science (Health Science Congress 2018)

May 2, 2018 United Kingdom: Conference International, host of International Conference on Medical & Health Science, the unique Health Science Congress 2018  that discusses the New Paradigm Approach for Manufacturing Excellence and Quality Standards  in Medical, Pharma, Biotech, Food and Healthcare Industries. Health Science Congress 2018 will provide interactive sessions regarding the manufacturing and quality aspects followed in healthcare industries along with recent advances & recent medical innovations. It also provides an opportunity to showcase your innovation in front of the world for the global recognition. Health Science Congress 2018 is the International conference, show in Japan. The event is held at Tokyo, Japan, from 24-25 August 2018.


The International Conference initiated by Keynote Speaker of 1.Dr. Eran Tal-Or (Chair of Israeli Emergency Medicine, Israel) & Organizing Committee Member of 2.Dr.Shrikant Mane (Director Yale Center for Genomic Analysis, USA) and 3.Dr. Mahera Abdul Rahman (Member of Dubai Health Authority, UAE) & Speaker of 4.Dr. Ramesh K Batra (Prof. of Transplant Surgeon, Yale Medical School, USA) with more International Eminent Physician’s & Researcher’s.

In addition, attendees will enjoy special events and lecturers featuring specialists and top scholars. It is a perfect platform for pharmacy educators, practitioners and researchers to exchange & share their experiences, research findings about all aspects of Medical and Health Sciences.

Health Science Congress 2018 brought together the International blend of people from medical, health science, pharmaceutical, biotech & medical devices companies, business entrepreneurs, pharmaceutical consultants, R&D heads and decision makers from pharmaceuticals, contract research, clinical trials, leading universities and research institutions making it the largest endeavor from OMICS International. All the papers presented at this conference were published in special issue of Journal of General Medicine




Conference Highlights:

·         300+ Participation (70 Industry: 30 Academia)

·         5+ Keynote Speakers

·         50+ Plenary Speakers

·         20+ Exhibitors

·         14 Innovative Educational Sessions

·         5+ Workshops

·         B2B Meetings


Indian Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the largest and most advanced among the developing countries.

·         3rd largest pharmaceuticals market by 2020.

·         20% of global exports in generics.

·         USD 45 Billion in revenue by 2020.

·         USD 26.1 Billion in generics by 2016.

·         USD 200 Billion to be spent on infrastructure by 2024.

·         49% of all drug master filings registered in the USA.

If you would like to know more information about this conference, Contact: Benjamin Franklin 

Tel.: +44-800-098-8455

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