While press releases tend to follow the same basic format (see “Format of a press release”), how they are written depends on what kind of news is being announced. Many online PR resources recognize the following six types of Press releases:

General news: announce a general news item to create interest and earn exposure for the company or organization issuing the release. Example headline: “ABC Company Wins Customer Service Award Three Years in a Row.”

Launch: create buzz around the launch of a company, website, campaign or initiative. Example: “The Launch of ABC Company’s Campaign for Education Coincides with National Teacher’s Day.”

Product: give details and specs for a new product, and accompany with photos whenever possible. A product press release can also relate to a product recall or a new or upgraded product version. Example headline: “New Software Application by ABC Company Available in August.”

Executive or staff announcement: announce staff changes, especially in upper management or at the executive level, and include biographical information and photos. Example headline: “Vice President of Operations Named at ABC Company.”

Expert positioning: showcase a company or organization’s individuals as go-to experts for the media. Or focus on a report, statistics or results to show the expertise of the company as a whole on certain topics or industry trends. Example headline: “ABC Company’s Vice President of Operations, Abby Brown, Talks Logistics within the Ever-Changing Software World.”

Event: outline the who, what, when, where and why of an event with the goal that the media will talk about it and/or attend themselves. Example headline: “ABC Company’s Annual Golf Tournament for Local Schools